Pool Filter Inspection

Pool Filter Inspection WaveBreak Pools

Our Expert Swimming Pool Filter Mechanics Comprehensively Inspect your filter system!

Pool Filter Inspection Gold Coast

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Everyone’s swimming pool filter may be slightly different, but one thing remains the same. You need to regularly have a pool filter inspection to ensure the swimming pool filter operates to its full potential.

Pool Filter Inspection WaveBreak Pools

Pool Filter Inspection

Whatever your filter type is, WaveBreak Pool Cleaning Service and Spa Care offer a pool filter cleaning and maintenance service to suit your make and model. This service is provided to our clients that wish to follow the pool filter manufacturer’s recommended cleaning schedule. Our filter service professionals will lock in a regular pool filter inspection service and maintenance program all year round. Therefore, providing you with the peace of mind that there’s no need for you to keep track of when your filter was last serviced.

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Your pool filter is an important piece of swimming pool equipment. And is responsible for filtering out, debris, dirt, sunscreen and most importantly bacteria. Hence ensuring that your pool water is crystal clear, healthy and safe to swim in.
When the pool filter becomes soiled, it gets blocked, consequently decreasing its ability and consequently puting a strain on the rest of the system.
A regular pool filter inspection, service, maintenance and cleaning of your pool’s filter are one of the best things to ensure your pool water is kept clean. Additionally, we highly recommend that you clean and change the filtration media. Whether it be glass, sand or D.E, also, the cartridge filters should be replaced regularly to protect your pool equipment and prolong the filter’s working life.

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What are the signs my filter needs a service?

Book a pool filter inspection and clean today with WaveBreak Pool Cleaning Service and Spa Care.


Decreased water flow through when backwashing.


A decline in suction efficiency may indicate the filter is blocked.


The pressure gauge is showing a lack of pressure or an increase in pressure.

Our Pool Filter Mechanics will

Pool Filter Inspection Gold Coast QLD

Annual Pool Filter Inspection & Service

An annual filter inspection and service by one of our experienced pool filter technicians will keep your pool filter performing highly. Still, in due course, the sand and glass filter media will require replacing. Generally between three to five years, depending on how much the filter is operating.
Cartridge filters are more efficient and use less energy, and water flow to the filters pool water. They are a cost-effective pool filtration system as they don’t require backwashing. Pool filter cartridges can catch finer particles than a sand filter. Advantageously they use a removable filtration element. This filter element needs to be inspected and cleaned at least once per year.

When it’s time for a service or an upgrade on your pool filter, our WaveBreak Pool Cleaning Service and Spa Care professional maintenance technician will help you decide which filter best suits your pool.

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